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Over the last few days my Facebook page has been inundated with pictures of beaming children in their school uniforms, ready to start their new school or class for the year.  For each child the start of September brings with it a fresh new uniform, new stationery, new school shoes and endless possibilities.

It’s a long time since I was at school but every September I always feel a sense of new beginnings.  Energised from the summer it has become a time when I revisit the goals I had at the beginning of the year and with a renewed sense of purpose I buckle down and get things back on track.

It was a busy summer for me which ended in a string of family illnesses which has gone on for the last three weeks.  In that time so many things have had to fall by the wayside.  Case in point, writing a weekly blog and updating social media for my business fell victim to my limited time and energy.   But here we are in September and the air feels charged with possibility.  A chance to start up some good habits and wipe the slate clean.  The back to school feeling has seen me opening my computer and sitting down to write, tidying out cupboards and getting all those little annoying jobs done.

This time of year can also be a time when we take time to reflect on how we are feeling.  How are our relationships?  Are there things on our mind which are worrying us?  Are there things which make us feel weighed down?  How fulfilled are we feeling with life in general?  We can all find ourselves thinking we are not as happy we could be.  Perhaps September can be your opportunity to start again.  It might involve simple things such as:

  • Reorganising your office
  • Returning to your favourite exercise class
  • Eating more healthily
  • Regaining control of your finances
  • Making time to see your friends and family
  • Learning a new skill

Despite doing the above you feel you need to reach out for some help. You might come to this time of year feeling tired of carrying your baggage around, stuck in the same patterns of behaviour and not wanting to take any unfinished business into yet another new year.  You might want to take advantage of the energy September brings and do something now!  This is where I can help.  You can contact me via my website, email or call on 07432 835468.